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An ADHD Miracle Cure?

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snake-oilTo think that I have wasted all these years accepting ADHD as a mental processing and executive function disability, when I could have just “cured” it!

One ad indicated how its product can:

  • Reduce hyperactivity & support calmness
  • Maximize attention span & focus
  • Support optimal brain & synaptic health
  • Strengthen immune system health
  • Get results with zero side effects
  • Bold headlines described it as an “All Natural Formula for Guaranteed Success”, by which they of course mean, the product “is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or symptoms including inattention, hyperactivity, or impulsivity”, as they state in their incredibly small print. Thank heavens we all have 52″ monitors to read this stuff. Additionally, in pharmacology 101 students are told that there is no substance that you can put into your body to alleviate any condition that doesn’t have side-effects. None. So when somebody claims that a product has no side effects they are simply lying.

    But that’s OK because I also found the “simple, easy-to-follow, scientifically proven way to totally eliminate your ADD-ADHD symptoms in only 2 minutes per day”! But wait! There’s more! Would you believe that these charitable souls have decided to have a one-day sale (every day I’ve looked) “giving” this product away for $27 instead of the $89 its actually worth? (Yeah – neither do I.)

    Oh – and for those that weren’t aware, the “solutions” above will also make you two inches taller and cure your asthma too!

    When some parasitic, opportunist wants to share with you all the “secrets the doctors and drug companies don’t want you to know”, realize that they are preying on our fears and weaknesses at a difficult time in our lives. Give them their due attention: ignore them, delete their e-mails, or toss their offers in the trash, where they belong.

    Unfortunately, we have struggles and weaknesses, that will only be lessened by:

    • good medical and therapeutic advice, taken over time
    • increased education and self-awareness
    • a network of loving and supportive family and friends.

    No magic, no snake oil. But that’s OK – we don’t need them.

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