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Is This Common Condition Making Your ADHD Challenges More Difficult?

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ADHD and DepressionYou have been diagnosed with ADHD. You have been taking meds and working with a therapist in an attempt to reduce the impact of your distracted thoughts and impulsive actions. After several months or even years, you start to question why things still don’t seem right.

It’s possible that you are fighting more than one battle and you don’t even know it.

While ADHD can have many co-existing conditions, depression seems to have many ADHD’rs in its grasp. As a person gets older the incidence rate increases, approaching 50% in ADHD adults.

The impact to someone juggling ADHD and depression can be huge. The ADHD gets diagnosed, everyone has a big “A-hah!” moment and focuses on the ADHD, and then the depression goes undetected. The person is left wondering why they do not feel motivated or have self-image issues. ADHD is looked at as the culprit.

Added to this confusion, the difficulties that come with ADHD can lead to depression symptoms. Sometimes just improving the ADHD can improve the person’s state of depression.

For someone who is dealing with considerable depression and ADHD, finding the right, additional treatment can be life-changing. If this may be you, do your research and then talk to your doctor. You may find that many of your difficulties cannot be answered by addressing the ADHD alone.

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3 Responses to “Is This Common Condition Making Your ADHD Challenges More Difficult?”
  1. Mythin says:

    What you’re talking about is referred to as comorbidity ( From everything I’ve learned, ADHD has one of the highest comorbidity rates of any mental disorder.

  2. Chris G. says:

    There is an earlier post that refers to several of the more common comorbid, or coexisting conditions of ADHD:

    Thanks for the reminder Mythin.

  3. Mine is also OCD. Which now makes sense w/the ADD. Huh. Learn something new every day. Thank God for these posts or I’d still be in the dark, and he’s now 26 years old! I’ll tell him, and his wife. Actually just knowing ADD/ADHD has one of the highest comorbiditiy rates may ease their minds somewhat. Thanks Mythin.

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