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Read this ASAP!

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I need it ASAP!! You have to get this to them ASAP!!

Four words. As Soon As Possible.

The implication of ASAP is that the task at hand is so important, we don’t even have time to sound out the words. We are putting an easy label on the priority of this request. Too easy, if you ask me. Too easy to toss around. You probably know someone who slaps “ASAP” on every task they discuss.

Herein lies the problem. If everything is ultra-important, then nothing is important.

Consider the difference between urgent and important. Urgent is happening in the moment. Someone is having a heart attack or the telephone is ringing. They are both urgent, but I am sure you would see the difference in their relative importance.

We have been trained to launch into manic reactions to those four letters. I have seen countless times where ASAP was stamped onto e-mails that sent people into reactionary overdrive on something that should not have been done in the first place.

The next time you see or hear those frequently (over)used four letters, do the opposite.

Stop. Think. Act thoughtfully.

  • Is it really important?
  • What are we putting aside to deal with this and how important is that?
  • Is there a better solution than the obvious or suggested reaction?
  • Should we do it at all?

When you have ADHD, seeing or hearing ASAP can prompt quick reactions without thought. Try thinking of it more as “As Soon As is Prudent”.

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