Friday, April 20, 2018

A Glimpse Behind the Site

The ADHD Hunter hard at work
The ADHD Hunter hard at work

I have gotten quite a few requests for information on the structure of the site – what service providers I am using, how the service has been. To make it simpler (and to do it once instead of once a week!), here are the people that are providing the gears that make up this web site:

ADHD Hunter’s Personal Rolodex:

    • Domain Name Registration: 1&1 – These are the people that issue and manage all those .com’s, .net’s and so on. The importance of selecting the right registrar comes to light when you decide it’s time to move to a new host and need to redirect, or point, your domain (like to a new host. I have heard more horror stories about domains being held captive or sites being down for days, once a move is requested. The registrar I have been using has performed flawlessly. Redirecting the domain was easy and was running within the hour. My domain registrar is 1&1. Go to 1&1 by clicking on the image below:

  • Hosting: PowWeb – Your host, as the name suggests, is where your site and all its software and content takes residence. You are effectively renting space and bandwidth on their computers. The concerns with a good host include speed, reliability/downtime, compatibility and access to support. I have been blown away by the support team at PowWeb. I have contacted them often in setting up the new site. (Don’t forget – I’m a noob with this stuff.) I was repeatedly shocked that they didn’t turn me away with some of the installation questions I had. When I expected “contact WordPress”, I received answers that were focused on my exact particulars, in detail. Their advice was clear, professional, to the point and always delivered with a smile within minutes of contacting them. I don’t think this page would be here right now if it wasn’t for PowWeb’s tech support team. Add to this, great speed and a ton of free software to help build the site. The value has been great. Go to PowWeb by clicking on the image below:


        • The Blog’s Engine: WordPress.orgFor those of you who have been paying attention, this choice was one of the bigger learning curves for me. I started with Blogger, went to and now, finally (hopefully permanently), I am using The difference between and is this: is simple – a few clicks and you are on your way. The good? It’s free, self-hosted and easy. The bad? There are substantial limitations as to what can be done with the site. Additionally, if WordPress decides to shut down the service at some point, your site ends. With, you are getting free software that is very flexible, but needs to be loaded on your own site or paid host. Go to by clicking here.


          • E-Mail Marketing: AWeber – My most important asset? You – the reader. I wouldn’t trust my list of contacts to just anyone. I did my homework on this and AWeber seemed to be the right service. It was a “home run” decision. I had this up and running in minutes thanks to the ease of use and endless templates. I’ve stated that I hate spam. AWeber hates it more and they will keep you from getting in trouble by setting very stringent guidelines for what they will process. Go to AWeber by clicking on the image below:
AWeber - Email Marketing Made Easy


          • Payment services: PayPal – Setting up this pay processor is a snap. They allow you to receive payments from PayPal accounts or any of the major credit cards. Out of all the services I looked at, it was one of the few that was not looking for setup fees and substantial monthly fees. The fees are transaction based – few sales mean few fees and lots of sales mean…well you get the idea. I have seen many respected online marketers who have turned to this well-known company, which has proven that it is here to stay. As time goes on and I have more experiences with this service (hopefully!) I will update this review. Until then, go to PayPal by clicking on the image below:

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.


In each case above, I have been pleasently surprised by the tremendous value, quality and support I have received. If you are attempting a site like this, I would strongly recommend that you take a look at what these services have to offer.

With some of the services above, I am listed as an affiliate, which means that if you decide to become their customer, I receive a small commission. Although I understand that this presents a conflict of interest, I am fully committed to only recommending products that I know, use and love. I would never risk damaging my reputation with you, which has been earned through many hours of effort, writing and honesty. What little income this generates will be used to offset the substantial monthly costs of running this site.

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