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About Us
We are a family coping with ADHD, Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Asperger’s Syndrome and other coexisting conditions. Frustrated by a lack of understanding, by most of the people we meet each day, our calling was clear. We wanted to create greater understanding, advocacy and support for ADHD and for those effected by ADHD.

ADHD FamilyOur Mission
Hunter in a Farmer’s World will dedicate itself to painting a picture for those who can’t see our ADHD world, teaching those who want to understand and help, and supporting those who feel alone in their efforts to cope with ADHD. We will accomplish this through the sharing of our own, very personal experiences and introducing resources that we feel have been helpful to us. Lastly we will create a place for community: sharing our hopes and fears, successes and failures, and love and support for each other.

Our family
We live on Long Island in New York. The family consists of Chris (44) and Dawn (42) and our two children, PJ (12) and Kim (9). Chris is an ADHD-positive financial professional and consultant, who travels often. Dawn left the workforce to dedicate her time to the kids, as a stay-at-home mom. Dawn has had some severe moments with depression, which began postpartum. PJ is a talented young artist and flash animation designer who has substantial ADHD challenges, complicated by Asperger’s and other coexisting conditions. Kim is our social-butterfly. She has ADHD and is showing some signs of possible mood disorders.

History of Hunter in a Farmer’s World
Credit for the concept of a Hunter in a Farmer’s world belongs to Thom Hartmann – Please visit Thom Hartmann here. He has enriched our family’s understanding of ADHD. I have summarized the Hunter in a Farmer’s World concept here. As difficulties with ADHD have grown, we have sought to learn more, often through the internet. Eventually, learning became sharing, sharing became blogging and now, to formalize our presence, this web site. Hopefully, through these pages, we will help others interested in and dealing with ADHD.

Contact Us
If you have questions, ideas or suggestions, please e-mail me at

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